A steam air heater is a simple radiator. The steam air heater consists of rows of finned tubes housed in an insulated metal case. The heat load is calculated from the quantity and specific heat of the air.

Hot oil liquid phase steam air heaters are used either alone, or when high inlet drying air temperatures are required, and the steam pressure is not high enough. The heater system consists of a stem air heater, which can be gas- or oil-fired, and an air heat exchanger.

The level of NOx in the process air after the direct fired natural gas steam air heater will depend on many variable factors, however, with a well adjusted air heater it should be limited to the above. Only about 2% of the NOx formed will be absorbed in the milk powder.

Steam Air Heaters are used for pre-heating air before it is introduced into the steam air preheater to avoid cold end corrosion. Steam Air Heater uses low-pressure steam, which is readily available in any process or power plant and brings up the temperature of the air from Amblent to around 60 C.

The steam air heater, which exchanges heat from the exhaust gases to the incoming fresh air, is an important heat trap on most boilers. However, because it may operate close to the acid dew point of the exhaust flue gas and because there is usually a high pressure differential between the flue gas and the air sides, proper maintenance of the steam air heater is critical. Inspection of the steam air heater can only take place when the unit is out of service; therefore, it is important to quickly evaluate the maintenance requirements and carry out the necessary repairs. Our steam air heater manufacturers can help you make a prompt evaluation.

Steam air heaters or steam coils are heat exchangers in which one medium is steam being condensed while the other medium is a gas being heated when forced through the heat exchanger with a fan. Steam air heater can either have horizontal tubes or vertical tubes.