Enerfin Shell and Tube (S & T) heat exchangers are custom designed and manufactured to the latest edition of ASME Sect VIII Div. 1 and TEMA Standards to satisfy any requirements. Enerfin can provide shell and tube heat exchangers in a variety of material such as carbon steel, stainless steel, cu/ni 90/10, titanium, incoloy and others. Enerfin is a shell and tube manufacturer.

Maximum surface per given shell and tube size for removable bundle designs. Shell and tube heat exchangers are among the more confusing pieces of equipment for the process control engineer. There are a number of varieties of the basic shell and tube exchanger that can be controlled along similar lines.

Aerial coolers, sometimes called fin fan coolers, are similar to shell and tube exchangers except that they are all tube. As mentioned earlier, aerial coolers can be considered a special type of shell and tube exchanger in which the shell is the shell of the cooler. Overpressure is the only common safety issue affecting shell and tube heat exchangers.

Enerfin manufacturers a complete line of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers for both Fresh Water and Salt Water applications. These guidelines have been written primarily for application to shell and tube heat exchangers for service offshore on the shelf.