A rotary valve is a valve style in which the FLOW CLOSURE MEMBER is
rotated in the flow stream to modify the amount of fluid passing through the valve.

The Ranger QCT is a rotary valve with a pneumatic
spring-diaphragm actuator. It can be supplied with either a
flanged or flangeless body style. This rotary design provides excellent service life in a wide range of applications. Its most unique design feature
centers around its Quick Change Trim QCT. This concept provides front access to the rotary valve body, allowing use of various lo-noise inserts, abrasion sleeve or alternate frontend seal retainers. Also, combinations of these features can be utilized to meet specific application needs.
The Ranger is the most user friendly rotary control valve in the marketplace when it comes to maintenance. It takes a mere five minutes to change trim when out of the pipeline and requires no recalibration.