H264 cctv is MPEG4 Part 10/AVC codec that provides high compression, high quality video, best suited for surveillance application. It makes use of block transfers and motion compensated predictive coding. When compared with MPEG2 coding, MPEG4 ( H264 ) uses 1/3 of the bandwidth (1/3 of storage space) to deliver the same quality video. When compared with MPEG4(ASP), MPEG4 (H264) uses 3/5 of the bandwidth ( 3/5 of storage space) to deliver the same quality video. These cards can be mixed and stacked for more channels.

Standard features of the H264 cctv are video attribute adjustments; 24x7 programmed recording based on time, or motion detection, or triggered by relay; motion detection masking; support multiple types of PTZ cameras, e-map (camera alert on office floor plan); supports web based (http) and direct (IP based) remote view; remote log search; backups; archive to CD/DVD; two way audio (if the card has audio option); able to have 1,2,4,8 minutes replay while monitoring, control PTZ using your mouse on the video screen, password administration.