Skyfold Mirage glass partitions are the best solution to enhance the look of your office, making it more efficient and chic. Glass partitions projected and produced by Skyfold Mirage are ideal for aesthetic appeal and design, and are adaptable to every ambient. Glass partitions are the best alternative if you want to improve the lighting of your office and get the best from the place where you work.
Skyfold Mirage glass partitions that are acoustically insulated and operated electrically. The glass partitions are rigid and flat when in the lowered position, and when not in use, can be folded away compactly for storage in the ceiling. They take up no floor space in the folded position. Developed as a modular system, the Skyfold Mirage glass partitions consist of a grid of rectangular acoustic panels. There are no visible hinges and the system requires no vertical side guides. Once in the lowered position, acoustic seals automatically engage against the sidewalls.