Today LCD displays are replacing the CRT monitors very rapidly because LCD monitors come with a number of advantages that cannot be seen in CRT monitors. LCD displays are encroaching all aspects of our life as their use has gone far beyond entertainment and office computing purposes. LCD displays are not only seen in domestic environment, they are also seen in commercial environments. Commercial LCD displays are very different from LCD displays that are designed for domestic purposes as commercial displays are used in a variety of harsh environments so the commercial LCD displays should be rugged enough to withstand the extreme conditions.

One of the main challenges that had to be faced by commercial LCD displays is the dust factor; in domestic environments the LCD displays will be subjected only to limited level of pollution and dust, whereas in the commercial environments there is no way we can keep the dust levels low. Complete sealing of the LCD display may also result in accumulation of heat so the challenge lies in designing a suitable chassis that will protect the commercial LCD display from excessive dust and at the same time will not lead to excessive accumulation of heat.