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Secure credit card payment page

Accept online credit card payments

The simple and economical winning solution
Collect your sales revenues immediately
Absolutely secure as required by banks
Secure transactions according to SET* norms
Eliminates the astronomical cost of a transactional web site
*S.E.T. (Secure Electronic Transactions)

Simply easy
The payment web page

The infrastructure of implementing a secure web site is costly, you can avoid a $20 000 expense!

With our transactional web page, you can accept credit card payments directly from your site.

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Domain Names:

Your domain name is a crucial element in the marketing your site

Strategic research to find the right domain names will result in better chances to build a successful web site. Our communication strategists will provide a list of possibilities
that match the positioning of your company or your products. We will provide a list of available domain names and our recommendation.