The proper information is passed to a business process management system as part of a completion message. Here is one definition of a business process management system:

"Integrating people, data and enterprise applications in efficient, adaptable and automated processes". This product is a business process management system, which brings together system applications, data and people with the overlying business processes for a more efficient workflow.

A comprehensive business process management system provides an organization with the ability to collectively define and model their business processes, deploy these processes as applications accessible via the Web that are integrated with their existing software systems, and then provide managers with the visibility to monitor, analyze, control and improve the execution of those processes in real time.

It will be easier for a business process management system to manage standards-based processes. The success of a business process management system is inherently linked with the evolution of processes. A business process management system should be used to model and automate internal processes as well as processes that span human activities and public network.

An effective business process management system will have to support the great diversity of business practices with a foundation as strong as possible. To this end, we describe the motivation, conceptualisation, design and implementation of a novel agent-based business process management system.