Machinex Recycling Technologies, Canada's leading MRF supplier, custom designs and manufactures process equipment for residential and IC & I recycling centres. Our products range from balers to conveyors, automated sorting equipment, and other related equipment. We are the exclusive Canadian distributor for the American Baler Company. We provide 24-hour service and carry a complete stock of parts and baling wire.

Who we are:

• A young and energetic management MRF supplier building lasting,
profit-making partnerships with today’s MRF leaders, while keeping one
eye on tomorrow’s MRF market.
• Creative and versatile engineers with the experience and the
technological know-how to configure the most accurate and efficient
design plans for any MRF.
• The design and installation experts behind over 200 successful turnkey
installations currently in use.
• The technology partners of leading material recovery facilities in
Canada, the United States and Western Europe.